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The vLOGIX innovations team have developed a unique platform capable of delivering an end-to-end Baggage Handling System (BHS) Lifecycle management capability. CogITo SMART allows designers, builders, testers, operators and other stakeholders such as Airlines and Airports to verify and validate that the BHS meets their desired needs.


The cloud-based solution has a very graphic rich interface allowing for a near real-life interaction experience with the BHS. CogITo SMART can be used for any stage of the BHS lifecycle from concept through to client handover and beyond. Operations and maintenance team can optimise system performance and perform predictive maintenance activities.

A key benefit of this unique solution is that the entire BHS stakeholder community can build, deploy, test and operate the entire system at a very early project stage without significant commitment of financial resources. The platform allows for electro-mechanical, control system and high-level controls integration to accurately reflect the final build. The deployment and cutover plans can also be validated to ensure minimum disruption to operations. This capability greatly reduces associated risks with programme, cost and schedule delays and ensures that stakeholders are involved throughout the BHS lifecycle to deliver better project outcomes.

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New video is coming soon.