Whether by air or sea, the port of entry into any country, state or city for both people and freight demands a dynamic and responsive operation ensuring safe, secure and streamlined onward journey. 

IT partner maritime and port solutions



As part of our Maritime division vLOGIX are the UK and Ireland Business Partner for Rotterdam based ITPartner Group and offer a full range of Port Management software products. The vLOGIX ethos and experience of Operational Excellence coupled with the power of an innovative suite of Port and Terminal Management software solutions enables the realisation of a fully integrated, all-encompassing ecosystem to manage, control and optimise Port and Terminal operations and movement. 

Achieving Operational Excellence through Innovation and Experience

The ITPartner software suite provides a single source of truth (SSOT) and access in real time to the operational data. This, coupled with powerful analytics mean Port or Terminal Management and External Stakeholders can make rapid, meaningful and accurate key decisions. The innovative solution provides the ability to manage a facility in a paperless, digital environment whilst ensuring regulatory compliance to IMO FAL and local border force requirements which are key to maintaining Operational Excellence.

ITPartners powerful cutting-edge suite of software, delivered and integrated by vLOGIX enables the fully integrated ecosystem to deliver the optimum Port and Terminal in a digital secure environment.

maritime cargo and port solutions