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The BHS System Architect will have a detailed understanding of the Baggage System at the client’s airport and form part of the technical group, typically delivering into the Engineering / Design function. 

The role is responsible for the development of Employers Requirements and evaluation criteria for the assessment of tenders and document comment tracking processes. 
In addition, the BHS System Architect will provide detailed electrical and mechanical technical input as well as outline high level controls input into the Design Development, Evaluation, Quality Assurance, Testing and Handover of an integrated solution.


The Solution Architect role forms part of the technical group, typically delivering into the Design Manager. A Solution Architect will be responsible for providing detailed technical input on a specific IT System into the Design, Development and Implementation of a solution. This will include the development of functional and non-functional requirements for a specific IT System, through to the identification and evaluation of technical options. 
The Solution Architect will also produce detailed technical documentation for an IT System in the form of Functional and Detailed Design Specifications. Upon approval of technical designs, the Solution Architect will be responsible for providing input into Test and Migration Planning.


Typically reporting to the Senior Development Manager, the Data Analyst responsibilities involve conducting full lifecycle analysis to include data requirements generation, activities of complex baggage data and associated design. 
The Data Analyst will develop analysis and reporting capabilities, monitor performance and quality control plans to identify improvements, interpret data, analyse results using statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports; develop and implement databases, data collection systems, data analytics and other strategies that optimise statistical efficiency and quality; acquire data from primary or secondary data sources and maintain databases/data systems, identify, analyse, and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets; filter and “clean” data by reviewing data sets and validating against design specifications; work with stakeholders to prioritise business and information needs; locate and define new process improvement opportunities. 


Typically reporting to a Senior Design Engineer, the Design Engineer will produce layout, elevation and section drawings, producing 3D models to develop design solutions and design specifications. 
In addition, the Design Engineer will undertake site surveys independently and with others, contributing to internal Design Team decisions and the coordination of vendors and external organisations.


Forming part of the Technical Group, the Technical Architect role is a resource with experience typically related to the infrastructure aspects of solution or delivery. 
The Technical Architect will be responsible for the Design, Configuration and Implementation of a specific infrastructure related component. 
The Technical Architect will also be engaged in pre-production and production testing in addition to taking responsibility for compliance and traceability against a defined set of requirements.

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